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Our staff is pasionate about dogs and reptiles.  We are excited to bring our experience of both to you and your loved ones!








John Potash headshot

John Potash has a fascination for animals, and specifically reptiles, that started in early childhood with an interest in Dinosaurs which created an awareness for the living things around him such as insects, lizards, frogs, etc… This progressively developed throughout the years from youth curiosity to a hobby to a passion and avocation.

As a teen, John met Herpetologist Ken Foose, who became his mentor and helped set him on his path to herpetology and infatuation with venomous reptiles. As the significance grew, so did John’s desire for knowledge leading him to pursue college education, attend countless meetings, trainings, and symposia, and join a wide variety of interest groups.

Over the past 25 years, John has been on the board of a variety of reptile clubs, he served for many years on the Washoe County Animal Control Board, much of that time as the chairman of the board, and he founded the Wildlife Rescue Foundation, a non-profit organization that provided nuisance wildlife removal, wildlife rehabilitation, educational displays and programs, and a nationwide exotic animal adoption program.

Currently, John is a Founder and Facilitator for Sierra Nevada Academy of Kindred Ectotherms, Social Media Coordinator for International Herpetological Symposiums, board member of UNR's Intitutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Lobbyist for USARK, Owner of Get Rattled, Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs,  and is still a passionate hobbyist with a personal collection of reptiles and a child-like fascination.

Willy Stevens headshotWillie J Stevens Jr. has been training pointing dogs for 20 years. In that time, he has trained champions, open, and amateurs. He was a professional trainer for 2 years but prefers to retain amateur status to allow more versatility in training options.

Willie has also trained many dogs for hunters, including his own, and has been an AKC judge of Pointing Dogs for hunt tests and field trials for 15 years. Willie is currently the Vice President for the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Northern Nevada and Judges for many organizations including National Shoot To Retrieve Assoc., Bird Dog Challenge, and a variety of community Bird Dog Clubs. Willie has been involved in Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for dogs for 16 years now, having trained thousands of dogs.


 My name is Heather  I am 18 and born and raised in Reno, Nevada. I have grown up around reptiles and have absolutely fallen in love with raising, owning, and working with them. I got my first snake when I was 13 years old, and my collection has grown so much since then; to 30 Snakes, 15 Geckos, 7 Tarantulas, and some bearded dragons. I started working with Get Rattled about 3 years ago. I am the “trainee” in snake handling and I also help in scheduling. I love the adventures this has taken me on going to new places, seeing different things, and meeting new people.  I am looking forward to many more years helping train dogs and learning about wildlife.


Natalie Lane has had a love and appreciation for animals her entire life. She received her first dog when she was in kindergarten; a cocker spaniel puppy named Maggie. However her love of critters doesn't end with the fluffy ones. She has had a strange obsession with reptiles since she could walk. Natalie graduated from Sierra Nevada College in 2011 with a degree in biology and a minor in psychology. She is a registered veterinary assistant, interned at the Barry R Kirshner Wildlife foundation as an exotic animal assistant and interned and worked at The Canine Connection as the Training Coordinator for the training center. Natalie currently works as the resident biologist for the Oroville Mosquito Abatement district. Her favorite hobbies include going horseback riding with her mom, flying kites with her dad, fishing, herping, and playing the piano. She lives with her husband in the woods of Northern California, along with their dog, cats, horse, and many reptiles.










My name is Demitri Peñuelas. My interest in wildlife started when I was six years old. Growing up over the years my favorite thing to do was to go outdoors looking for lizards. In time my interest turned into a strong passion and I found myself eventually keeping reptiles as a hobby. I currently work with all sorts of exotic animals  such as Arachnids, lizards, snakes, and frogs.
         These days I like to spend my time outdoors photographing wildlife. Often on my travels I come across rattlesnakes. While most people would be intimidated, I find myself full of excitement and ready to get my camera out for a good photograph.
           As far as my personality goes, I'm a goofball who loves making people laugh. My charm and social skills make me easy to get along with.

Dave Boland, born and raised in Southeast Asia before moving back to the United States with his father, along with mother and brother, at the age of Ten. Always having had an interest in plants and animals as a child, Dave went on to study Zoology, Botany and Biology at Brigham Young University, University of Utah and graduating with an Environmental Education Degree from UNR in the late 80s. Work for 25 years as an environmental specialist for the government and continues to be involved in as many animal and reptile related organizations as care worthy and could be afforded. Dave has a family of three boys and a host of beloved creatures. Dave has specialized in exotic reptiles and continues to to pursue a retirement based on training people and caring for animals and nature. Dave and his family are currently active with Get Rattled and the Reno Children's Discovery Museum in conservation and species preservation efforts among our communities youth. Dave has had over 40 years of handling exotic reptiles and is enjoying his opportunity to protect dogs and owner's resources in avoidance training and protecting the wildlife that they may come across.


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