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Do rattlesnakes attack?

No.  Rattlesnakes would prefer to be left alone and if allowed to, will head the other direction when confronted by people.

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What times of the year are rattlesnakes most active?

Rattlesnakes are generally most active in the spring through fall,in the late evening once the sun is setting and its cooler or earlier morning before the days heat.  They are typically hungry in the spring and looking to reproduce and in the fall, they are looking to grab their last meals before brumation.  The fall is generally when all of the babies are born, too.

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There is no training class near me, how do I bring Get Rattled to my area?

Contact us about bringing Get Rattled to your community.

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What to do if you encounter a snake?

Leave it alone and call somebody experienced if removal/relocation of the animal is required.

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How old should the dog be to have the training?

Dogs should be at least 6 months old for training and in good health. Although your dog may be older, all dogs are assessed at time of training and if the trainer feels for any reason your dog should not train that day, he will explain why and attempt to re-schedule for another training or a refund will be offered as your pets safety is of utmost importance.

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Current pricing starts at $85 for first time, and $60 for refresher training. Multi dog discounts are available, please ask for details.

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Do you use live rattlesnakes to train dogs?

Yes.  Using live rattlesnakes as opposed to fake/toy rattlesnakes ensures that your pet is properly taught to recognize the dangers of a snake and not a rubber toy as we train dogs on sight, sound and smell of the snake. If you have more quetions pleae contact us for more details

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I’ve registered for a class, now what?

Approximetly 2 weeks from event you will receive a scheduled time to arrive for training along with a pre-training check list. If you don't hear from us with-in 10 days of class please contact us immediatly.

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What to do if you or your dog get bitten?

Don't panic, try to identify the snake and take your dog to the vet immediately.

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Where do rattlesnakes like to live/hide?

You'll often find rattlesnakes where what they need to survive is abundant.  Rodents, birds, rabbits, boards, large rocks and a water supply will probably welcome them in.

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