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We walk our dogs out in the desert and I will never forget how terrified I felt watching our dog get very close to a rattlesnake because he was curious. After the quick and effective training, he would not get near a snake. I will always have our dogs trained in snake avoidance like this!
Kimberly Sager Sturm
There training is amazing! We went through a refresher course last year. Lady Hope wanted nothing to do with the snake.
Laurie Parks-Kent
Our Marley took the class yesterday. We live in a highly populated Rattlesnake Area so I am hoping this class works. The staff was so wonderful and professional. Definitely worth the money.
Christopher Matthews
When Get Rattled started over 10 years ago, I took my Elkhound Huskies through their course and one of them was so eager to get away from the rattlesnakes by the end of the course, he bit one of the handlers who stood between him and the exit. We took them back through a year later and they had no interest in encountering another snake. We found the training was so effective, they would lead us away from the snakes we couldn't even see when hiking with them. The dogs were trained on sight, sound, and smell to ensure that they would avoid them at all costs. Living on the fringe of the desert, snake encounters were a regular thing for us and we knew our dogs would be fine, avoiding encounters with snakes and saving us not only a huge vet bill, but our dogs a lot of pain and suffering! I cannot recommend this training more highly!
Excellent training- these guys know their stuff!

Highly recommended!


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