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Dave Boland, born and raised in Southeast Asia before moving back to the United States with his father, along with mother and brother, at the age of Ten. Always having had an interest in plants and animals as a child, Dave went on to study Zoology, Botany and Biology at Brigham Young University, University of Utah and graduating with an Environmental Education Degree from UNR in the late 80s. Work for 25 years as an environmental specialist for the government and continues to be involved in as many animal and reptile related organizations as care worthy and could be afforded. Dave has a family of three boys and a host of beloved creatures. Dave has specialized in exotic reptiles and continues to to pursue a retirement based on training people and caring for animals and nature. Dave and his family are currently active with Get Rattled and the Reno Children's Discovery Museum in conservation and species preservation efforts among our communities youth. Dave has had over 40 years of handling exotic reptiles and is enjoying his opportunity to protect dogs and owner's resources in avoidance training and protecting the wildlife that they may come across.


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